Young Entrepreneur Adnan Dedic Surpasses Vast Majority of US Real Estate Agents Before the Age of 30 – L.A Weekly

If you haven’t heard of the name Adnan Dedic in relevance to the real estate industry as of late, chances are it won’t be long until you hear of him, and his inspirational story of how he became a leading man in real estate in just under half a decade before graduating college. With over $50 million dollars in sales last year, Dedic has shown the world that when it comes to his success; the sky is the limit no matter where you are rooted from.

Ironically enough, Dedic is notorious for his far from glamorous upbringing. Stemming from a life of poverty and adversity, Dedic spent his childhood in a Refugee Camp in Utica, New York after his parents escaped to Germany to save their family from the dangers of the Yugoslav wars. After being separated in their home country of Bosnia, Dedic’s mother and father managed to reunite their family in Frankfurt, where Adnan was born shortly after, and they decided to make their move to the land of the free.

During his youth at the refugee camp in Utica, Dedic observed his parents struggling to keep their family afloat in a new country, working multiple low-income jobs. After reaching an age of wisdom and attaining the proper means, Dedic worked to achieve the life his parents never had, beginning with his college years at Florida Gulf Coast University.

Dedic’s first eye-catching accomplishment came when he made a spontaneous decision to compete in a Buzzprize Expo Competition, in Sarasota, Florida, where he was ultimately awarded the title “Young Entrepreneur of the Year.” For Dedic, this would only be the first of many victories to come.

Dedic’s new title helped him achieve exposure from a mentor from the well renowned TV show, Shark Tank, who persuaded him to give real estate a try. With his new pursuit of real estate in Southwest Florida, Dedic shined with his work ethic and charisma, just as this guardian mentor had predicted he would.

Dedic soon achieved a position at the leading agency, Compass Realty, where he attained a multi-million-dollar salary in sales commission in his first years. However, Dedic often expresses his gratitude for the adversity he faced in his youth consistently, claiming that it brought him true wisdom, consistently emphasizing that money is far from the only goal that one should seek to achieve.

His open minded and innovative perspective is shown through his more recent achievements, where he is praised for the personable characteristics he embodies during client and seller interactions. Whether those skills come naturally or not, Dedic makes an ample effort to talk about the importance of maintaining trustworthy and pleasant experiences with his clients.

Dedic has been rated as a “5 Star Best” Agent on the well renowned real estate business, Zillow, where one can find a multitude of testimonials speaking on his all-around superiority when it comes to the business of real estate and overall customer satisfaction.

Recently, the Real Trends Publication placed Dedic among the top one percent of the 1.7 million licensed real estate agents in the United States after only six years of being a licensed agent. With such a dignified array of real estate victories under his belt, Dedic decided to add in more time for curating a multi-platform business that offers mentorship and networking opportunities for current and aspiring real estate agents that aspire to achieve success like that of his own.

You can read some of his personal and professional advice in the recently published article “Real Estate Mogul Adnan Dedic Shares Top Five Tips for Success.” In this article, readers can find a comforting sense of humility from Dedic that gives tips ranging all the way from basic real estate codes to mental health advice. For Dedic, taking care of all aspects of your life and remembering not to neglect your mental/ physical health along the way is pivotal to your overall success, a method that many have found refreshing and enlightening coming from someone who it has clearly worked for.

While Dedic continues to grow his empire as an entrepreneur, he continues to innovate the real estate industry to help all parties involved engage in what he knows they will benefit from. His most recent project includes the creation of the app, Agent Access, allowing realtors to network and create mutually beneficially relationships with each other.

“No matter how much I achieve, I won’t stop exploring new ways to improve the processes in real estate and create a true impact on others that shows them anything is possible. The most important message I want readers to understand is that at the end of the day, it’s not about money or titles, (though they help) but more so about the big picture. Focusing on the big picture and every aspect that affected my overall mindset and work ethic is what truly brought me the success I have today. But to get to this point, you have to yearn for fulfillment of the heart and its happiness equally as much. It’s all an exchange of energy, so make sure your own cup is full before you go pouring out half of your true potential.”- said Dedic.

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